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Apart from regular classes, students stay in our institute for extended hours where they do self study and assignments under the guidance of faculties.

Along with competitive exam
preparation students are prepared thoroughly for 12th Board exam.
After commencement of 12th, monthly chapter-wise tests are
conducted exclusively on Board Theory.

Each batch contains 40 students maximum so that personal attention is given towards each & every student.
Founder & Director Shri. Athavale Sir is merit rank holder in 10th & 12th Board. He is Gold Medalist in engineering from I.C.T. Mumbai. Sir Personally guides other faculties in lesson planning, test conduction, assignments, designing, etc.
Experienced and knowledgeable faculties, IITians, Doctorate in respective subjects mentor students to understand every topic in depth.

Even though competitive & Board syllabus is completed by October-November, classes are continued till May for Board & Competitive revision ,doubt Session ,Test Series, etc

Study Mindset Test & Timely personnel & batch counseling by our Expert Counsellor to protect students from diversions and districtions . This helps to keep them focused on studies & goals.

Since syllabus of IIT-JEE/NEET is vast & in depth, there are regular & frequent doubt clearing sessions as and when required.
Thorough check is kept on attendance, assignment completion, test preparation and class discipline. Every detail of student is reported to parents time to time through SMS or phone call.
Anonymous written feedback sessions of faculties are conducted regularly. It takes care of students grievances regarding understanding concepts, speed of teaching, contents of lectures, etc. It ensures each and every student of class has complete satisfaction regarding guidance of respective subjects.
Test series papers are set and corrected by moderators and chief moderators of Board exactly on Board pattern. Model answer papers with scheme of marking are also provided followed by contact programme / doubt session with concerned valuers.
We prepare our students for multiple Career options apart from there targeted career in these 2 years journey. So that students can have better choices in case of career decision change in future.
Is a unique program to develop and explore students presentability other than Academic and Competitive Success.